Herod the Great | High Aqueduct, built circa 22-10 BC | Caesarea, Israel | Image and original data provided by Shmuel Magal, Sites and Photos, sites-and-photos.com

Sites and Photos has contributed more than 29,000 additional photos of ancient through medieval archaeological and architectural sites from France, Greece, Israel, Italy, and Turkey to the ARTstor Digital Library. The images provide broad and in-depth documentation of the ancient world, including Classical, Megalithic, Islamic, Crusader, and Gothic archaeology and architecture, as well as Greek and Roman painting, sculpture, mosaics, and decorative arts. The collection is especially strong in its coverage of religious and Biblical sites in Israel, Jordan, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta, and Cyprus.

Based in Israel, Sites and Photos specializes in the digital documentation of ancient archaeology, architecture, and art. Samuel Magal, Owner and Chief Photographer, is a trained archaeologist specializing in Classical and Marine archaeology. Since 1999, he has photographed hundreds of sites and museums throughout the Mediterranean.

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