The Princeton University Art Museum is partnering with ARTstor to share images from its encyclopedic collections in the Digital Library. Included are several hundred selections from the Museum’s vast holdings, of which approximately 10,000 images eventually will be available through ARTstor. The Museum’s renowned collections of art of the ancient Americas and photography are well represented, as are ancient, Byzantine, and Islamic art. The art of Europe is documented with polychrome wooden sculptures from the Middle Ages, old master paintings by fifteenth-century Italian artists Fra Angelico and Guido da Siena, Enlightenment-era paintings by Jacques-Louis David and Angelica Kauffmann, and nineteenth-century works by Gustave Courbet and Édouard Manet. The arts and cultures of Africa, and Asia also form key parts of the collections. For the latter, images in the Digital Library will include Chinese and Japanese Neolithic pottery and jade, ancient ritual bronze vessels, ceramics, metalware, woodblock prints, painting, and calligraphy. The collections also include examples of international modern and contemporary art.

The Princeton University Art Museum is one of the nation’s leading art museums, with over 72,000 works of art in its collections. The Museum was founded in 1882 on the belief that the study of great original works of art was essential to higher education and the enlightenment of the general public. In addition to displaying its collections, the Museum hosts many special exhibitions each year, accompanied by lectures, artists’ talks, scholarly symposia, concerts, film screenings, and family programs. Along with the University’s Department of Art and Archaeology and the Marquand Library, the Museum forms a dynamic center for the study of the fine arts. A selection of rights-cleared images in this collection that fall in the public domain will be included in ARTstor’s Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) program.

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