Marina City | Bertrand Goldberg, Bertrand Goldberg Associates | Photographer George Everard Kidder Smith | © Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rotch Visual Collections | Society of Architectural Historians: SAHARA Collection

More than 16,000 images of architecture, landscape design, and the built environment from the Society of Architectural Historians’ (SAH) SAHARA project are now available in the Digital Library. SAHARA (Society of Architectural Historians Architecture Resources Archive) is a community-built archive of digital images for teaching and research in the field of architectural history. SAH members, including scholars, architects, historic preservationists, and students, upload their own built environment images to SAHARA to be shared with the Society. The SAHARA collection in ARTstor consists of photographs that have been peer-reviewed by the SAHARA editorial board for their photographic quality and the accuracy of their descriptive information. Additional images will be added to the collection as the SAHARA archive grows over time.

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