A. Cemal Ekin | Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey | © A. Cemal Ekin, keptlight.com

Nearly 50 images of the Hagia Sophia by A. Cemal Ekin are now available in the Digital Library. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the Hagia Sophia (“Holy Wisdom”) is a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture. The current building was built by Emperor Justinian I between 532 – 537 CE. In 1453, the structure was converted into the Ayasofya mosque, and secularized as a museum by the Turkish government in 1934. The Hagia Sophia is famous for its massive central dome and richly decorated interior spaces. Ekin photographed the dome of the Hagia Sophia from scaffolding erected during its recent restoration. From this unique vantage point 55 meters (180 feet) from the ground, Ekin captured images of the center of the dome, its ceiling, the windows, and the mosaic and calligraphy decorations, as well as views into the narthex and interior spaces below. Ekin also photographed panoramic views of the cityscape of Istanbul from the roof of the Hagia Sophia.

A. Cemal Ekin is an accomplished photographer and Professor of Marketing at the School of Business at Providence College in Providence, RI.

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