Did you know that you can zoom-in on images, view them full-screen, rotate, pan on details, save, print, and much more, all from the convenience of the Image Viewer?

Vincent van Gogh | Wheat Field with Cypresses, 1889 | The Metropolitan Museum of Art | Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

On the Image Viewer toolbar you can:

• Click the show data icon to display more information.
• Click the maximize window icon to expand the window to full-screen size.
• Click the minimize window icon to resize the window back to half-screen size.
• Click the list image titles icon to open a list, by title, of all the images in the collection category, Image Group, or search results currently displayed. Click on a title to open that image in the Image Viewer.
• Use the navigational arrows  on the lower right to scroll through images in the set.

• Click the hide captions option to hide the caption for presentations or testing.

• Click the report an error option to notify us if you find any errors in the image you’re viewing.

• Select the zoom mode to zoom-in by clicking anywhere in the image. Zoom-in by clicking on the appropriate icon and then clicking the image. Zoom back out by clicking on the zoom-out icon, or click the reset icon  to go back to the image’s original state. The number beneath the image in the thumbnail map indicates what percentage of the image’s actual size you are currently viewing. When the number reads “100.0%,” it means that you are viewing the image in its actual size and you cannot zoom-in any further.

• Select the pan mode to move through the zoomed-in image; click anywhere on the image and drag your mouse in any direction to move it.

• Select the rotate mode  to rotate the image up to 360 degrees by clicking into the image and dragging your mouse to the right. Reset the image to its original orientation by clicking the reset icon .

• Click the print icon to print the image, its descriptive data, and a brief copyright statement. If you would like to print a detail, zoom and pan within the image to the desired view before clicking the print icon.

• Click the save icon to download a copy of the image as a JPEG. After clicking on the icon, you will first be asked to click through ARTstor’s Terms and Conditions of Use.

• Click the save to Image Group icon to save an image to your Image Group. This will save the image in whatever zoomed and/or rotated position you are viewing it at the moment.

Find out more details (including keyboard shortcuts) on the ARTstor Help Wiki.