Did you know that you can access ARTstor away from your library or institution? Once you’ve registered for an individual user account at your institution, you can go to artstor.org from any location and click ENTER HERE to access the site with your ARTstor login and password. You can continue logging into the database remotely for the next 120 days.

For detailed instructions, see ARTstor’s Help Wiki.

Getting a message that your remote access has expired?

  • Simply return to your institution and log back into your account from there. Every time you access the site from your institution, the 120-day remote access period will be reset.
  • Away from your institution? Log in to the ARTstor Digital Library via your school or library’s proxy server to renew your remote access, just like you would on campus. Your local ARTstor administrator can also extend your remote access for 30 days at a time through the ARTstor administrator website.

Changed institutions?

  • If you have recently moved from one ARTstor-participating institution to another, you are still eligible to use your existing account and there is no need to register for a new account. Just contact userservices@artstor.org with your ARTstor login and the name of your new institution. Once you are notified your account has been moved, you can renew your remote access from your new school, as well as change your login email address if desired.

See ARTstor’s online Help for instructions.