ARTstor and Houston Community College are collaborating to share approximately 600 images documenting carnivals in the Dominican Republic by Rubén Durán in the Digital Library.

Durán’s photographs explore Dominican identity by documenting the yearly carnival celebrations in Santiago, Cotuí, Santo Domingo, La Vega, and La Romana that put to the fore a cultural mosaic forged by ordinary people.

Carnival is celebrated throughout the Dominican Republic during the month of February. Revelers wear flashy costumes of allegorical characters such as the Diablo Cojuelo (limping devil), who attacks people with an inflated vejiga (bladder) or a whip, Roba la Gallina (steal the chicken), a man dressed as a woman with exaggerated breasts and buttocks, and Califé, a poet, the people’s voice, who criticizes political, social, or cultural figures.

Rubén Durán, Instructional Designer and video developer at Houston Community College, has also collaborated on the film “Colors of the Dominican Carnival” with Donna Pinnick. The documentary features interviews with mask-makers, musicians, anthropologists, and the masqueraders who create the characters at the heart of carnival.

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