artstor_logo_rgb2ARTstor Digital Library and ART on FILE are collaborating to release approximately 1,200 new direct-digital capture photographs of architecture, built environment projects, and landscape architecture in Mexico City. The focus will be to capture the most recent developments in the architectural evolution of the city, as well as modernist buildings, UNESCO world heritage sites, iconic murals, historic parks, monuments, and colonial edifices.

Sites and locations scheduled to be documented include the Museum of Memory and Tolerance, Arditti + RDT Architects; Vasconcelos Library, Alberto Kalach; the National Museum of Anthropology, Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, Jorge Campuzano and Rafael Mijares; Soumaya Museum, LAR + Fernando Romero; Juarez Complex, Legorreta + Legorreta Architects; Camino Real Hotel, Ricardo Legorreta; Casa Luis Barragán, and Museum Torri Satélite, Luis Barragan; Facultad de Arquitectura, UNAM, Jose Villagran Garcia; Museo Tamayo, Abraham Zabludovsky and Teodoro Gonzales de Leon; Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Pedro Ramírez Vázquez; XXI Century National Film Archive, Rojkind Arquitectos; Xochimilco Masterplan and Aquarium, TEN Arquitectos; Xochimilco Ecological Park, Mario Schjetnan; Chapultepec Park and Palace; Arcos Bosques, Teodoro Gonzales de Leon; A47 Mobile Art Library, PRODUCTORA; Escuela Nacional de Arte Teatral; Quetzalcoatl Nest house, Javier Senosiain; the Earthscraper, BNKR Arquitectura; Spain’s Cultural Center, Javier Sanchez; 13 de Septiembre residential complex, Higuera + Sanchez; Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Taller de Arquitectura-Mauricio Rocha; Chapultepec Park, Fountain Promenade, Grupo De Diseño Urbano SC; Torre Latinoamericana, Augusto H. Álvarez; Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies, Landa García Landa Arquitectos; Museo Jumex, David Chipperfield; Museo Estudio Diego Rivera, Juan O’Gorman.

These new photographs will join the more than 16,000 images by ART on FILE already in the Digital Library. Chartier and Wilkinson have contributed selections from ART on FILE’s extensive archive of slides and transparencies, which documents contemporary architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and public art around the world.

ARTstor has also sponsored previous campaigns for ART on FILE to create new digital photographs of contemporary architecture in the United States, Europe, United Arab Emirates, and Shanghai.

For more detailed information about this collection, visit the Contemporary Architecture, Urban Design, and Public Art (ART on FILE Collection) page.

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