artstor_logo_rgb2Artstor and the Mott-Warsh Collection have made available more than 300 images of artwork by over 125 artists of the African Diaspora. Focusing on art produced after 1940, the Mott-Warsh Collection contains work from major figures and underrepresented artists such as Jacob Lawrence, Ron Adams, Faith Ringgold, Richard Yarde, Lorna Simpson, Glenn Ligon, Howardena Pindell, and Whitfield Lovell.

Established in Flint, Michigan in 2001 by Maryanne Mott and her husband, the late Herman Warsh, the Mott-Warsh Collection lends items to Flint-based cultural institutions and nationally touring museum and college exhibitions. The collection was initiated as a means of providing art to a broader audience in the City of Flint and beyond by educating viewers in art appreciation, art history, 20th century American history, the history of the African Diaspora, and art making processes and techniques. Through its diverse holdings, the collection depicts the unique cultural and social experience of artists of African origin living and working in American society.

For more detailed information about this collection, visit the Mott-Warsh Collection page in Artstor.

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