If you have taken a couple months off of Artstor, you may notice an error message that pops up the next time you log in explaining that your “120 day remote access period has expired.” Don’t fret! All of those image groups and future OIV presentations you’ve created are still there.

Artstor counts down from 120 days of your last login on campus or via the library’s proxy server. When that time limit is up, your remote account is frozen. To restart your 120-day remote access period, you can either log in the next time you are on campus or access the Digital Library from your library’s proxy server, easily done through your library’s homepage. Click on the link for Artstor and you’ll be prompted to log in to your institution’s proxy server before gaining access.

And remember—if you have any further questions or problems regarding accessing your account, simply contact Artstor’s User Services team at!

– Christina Riley, Artstor User Services Assistant