You’ve probably figured out that the description panel you see when you open an image group is a handy way to keep notes together with each group. But did you know it also helps you find what you’re looking for without having to open any image groups?

When you go to Organize > Open image group on the top menu bar, a window opens with all your groups; select the name of any of the groups you have written descriptions for and you’ll see a preview of that description on the right. Additionally, on the bottom of that same window, you can enter a search term and you’ll be pointed to the image group or groups that include that term in their description.


Wait, there’s more! Observant users will have noticed that there’s a second tab on the description panel: the “Browse groups” tab. Click on it to see a navigation bar with private, institutional, and global folders. This tab allows you to navigate among image groups without having to return to the Open image group window.


Learn more about image groups in our Help section, or watch a quick instructional video.