saca-logoArtstor Digital Library and San Anto Cultural Arts have made available more than 60 images of murals created as part of the organization’s Community Mural/Public Art Program.

San Anto Cultural Arts (SACA) is a nonprofit learning space that promotes and encourages organic and cultural self-expression in San Antonio, Texas. A small group of community residents established the organization in 1993 in the heart of the city’s Westside community, near the Alazan-Apache Housing Projects.

Along various community events and services, SACA operates three programs: El Placazo Community Newspaper, the Video Oral History & Documentary Program, and the Community Mural/Public Art Program (CMP). CMP organizes artistically-inclined youth to create three to five murals every year that define the character of the Westside through the eyes of its residents. The CMP has produced public art projects with neighborhood groups, community members, community business, and other nonprofit organizations.

View the collection in the Digital Library.

For more detailed information, visit Artstor’s San Anto Cultural Arts collection page.


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