NewArtstor has released the latest version of its Offline Image Viewer (OIV).

OIV enables instructors to give classroom presentations using larger images from the Artstor Digital Library (up to 3200 pixels wide) along with local content without being connected to the Internet. You can create digital slide show presentations that feature side-by-side comparisons, zooming and panning, and the ability to customize text on the slides.

OIV 4.0 includes the following new features:

  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 and Windows 8.
  • Link to image viewer – clicking the link to image viewer icon on an image will open that image in the image viewer within the Digital Library.
  • Embedded hyperlinks – you can now embed hyperlinks in your OIV slides.
  • Saving to legacy format—this version of OIV allows presentations to be saved in OIV 2.6 format so that they can be opened by OIV version 2.6 and above (without image viewer linking functionality). This version can also open OIV 3.X files.

A bug that was affecting dual-screen presentations has also been fixed.

To install OIV 4.0, first uninstall any previous version, log into your account, and follow the directions on our Help site.