artstor_logo_rgb2Artstor and The International Museum of Children’s Art are collaborating to share approximately 200 images of works of art from the museum’s collection in the Artstor Digital Library.

The International Museum of Children’s Art (Det Internasjonale Barnekunstmuseet) in Oslo, Norway is the world’s first museum dedicated to art created by children, and today contains artworks by children and young adults from more than 180 countries. The collection is not only of interest to art appreciators, but will intrigue researchers across disciplines, from psychology to education.

The International Museum of Children’s Art was created in 1986 by The Foundation of Children’s History, Art and Culture, a private foundation established six years prior. The idea for the unique collection was conceived and developed by film director Rafael Goldin (1920-1994) and his wife, Dr. Alla Goldin (1938-2007). The mission of the museum is not only to collect and preserve children’s art, but also to promote the value of children’s creativity and culture, and in doing so, promote the “Rights of the Child” as outlined by UNICEF. The museum also runs activities for adults and children, and will in the future serve as a research center for the study of the history, art, and culture of the child.

For detailed information about this collection, visit The International Museum of Children’s Art page in Artstor.


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