SSTuesdayTipErrors, problems, bugs, glitches! We hate them too, which is why we’ve put together a handy guide to help you efficiently report any issues you encounter with Shared Shelf for a faster resolution.

In brief:

1) Before you report an issue to, check for a possible solution. If something isn’t documented and you think it should be, let us know!

2) Tell us which browser you’re using and the project’s name and ID.

3) Describe your steps and the error you encountered (including a screenshot if the issue is visible).

4) If the problem happened with publishing, include details such as publishing target, collection name, date and time of publishing, number of records published, and SSIDs (if you published in bulk, a sampling is enough) .

5) If you’re not sure whether including an attachment or mentioning a minor detail may be useful, include it—there’s a chance it might be!

Get all the details on how to best report an issue on our support site.