adl_image-group-notesDid you know that once you’ve created an image group you can annotate it for future reference? Registered users can add an image group description to any groups they create, and they can control who can view their annotations. Instructors can make hidden notes for their own reference or create visible notes to add context or instructions for students. For students, an image group description can be a way to takes notes while studying images.

To create an image group description:
1. Log in to your Artstor account.
2. Create or open an image group.
3. The image group description panel will be open to the left of your thumbnails. Text can be added by clicking in the text box and formatted using the tools above.
4. To save your changes, click on the diskette icon in the upper right corner of the image group description panel.
5. If you are an instructor annotating an image group in a shared folder, you can control who can see this description using the Visibility drop-down menu:
Restrict makes the description visible to any users with read-access to this folder.
Hide makes the description visible only to you, its creator.
• To view the image group description as others will see it, click on the magnifying glass icon.
6. To print the image group description, click the printer icon.
7. When the image group description is complete, click on the minus sign (-) at the top of the panel to Hide Image Group Description.