Photographer: Robert Howlett, Isambard Kingdom Brunel; builder of the Great Eastern, ca. 1857-1858. George Eastman House,

Some links we have been reading this week:

  • Scared of gluten in your art, fear no more the internet now has the Gluten-Free Museum.
  • Could this hellish landscape be a work by Hieronymus Bosch? Experts now think so.
  • Photographers have tried many methods to capture images, including using potato starch.
  • And speaking of, take a look at the preservation challenges film faces today.
  • An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but could visiting a museum or stunning landmark also boost your immune system?
  • And finally, we are suckers for recreations of classic works of art. For example, these Klimt works recreated for an annual AIDS charity event.