We want to thank you for your continued interest in the Artstor Blog. With more than 244,000 visits, you’ve made 2015 our biggest year yet!

In case you missed any of them, here are our top ten most popular posts from the year:

  1. Hopping through cultures: the rabbit in art Our gallery of rabbits and hares through the ages was our biggest draw, jumping way past its Easter theme.
  2. Game of Thrones and the House of Artstor No surprise–our readers are as hooked on the show as we are.
  3. No longer scandalous: Manet in America It turns out the artist who shocked Paris did not raise eyebrows in New York or Boston.
  4. Shopping paradise: Émile Zola and the world’s first department store Inspired by another TV show, we delved into the history of the department store.
  5. The secret names of Italian Renaissance artists Bronzino is a nickname that means “the bronze one,” referring to his dark complexion. There’s lots more where that came from.
  6. The art of looking slowly Museumgoers spend an average of just 17 seconds looking at an individual artwork. Meet the man who wants to change that.
  7. Artstor Arcades: Introducing our new crowdsourcing software We’ve made cataloging fun–and addictive!
  8. The infinite variety of artists’ books We drew up a selection from two collections that cover the range of this surprisingly diverse genre.
  9. A missing piece? Coordinating cataloging controls in the networked world Artstor’s president on the similarities between the cattle business in the 19th century and the Digital Humanities today.
  10. #thatdress Was it  black and blue, or white and gold? The debate might be over but our gallery of interesting dresses lives on.

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