Artstor and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts have released more than 35,000* images of Warhol’s work in the Artstor Digital Library in two extensive collections–Warhol’s Oeuvre and the Photographic Legacy Project.

This extensive launch provides a thorough presentation of the prolific artist’s works in one place for the first time, inclusive of paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, and photography spanning four decades. The Oeuvre collection provides a comprehensive view of the artist’s output, starting with the early work he created during the 1950s as an award-winning commercial artist working for clients such as Columbia Records and Tiffany & Co., through to many of his most iconic images, including Campbell Soup Cans, Marilyn Monroes, Dollar Signs, Disasters, Brillo Boxes and Coca Cola Bottles.

The remarkable highlight of the launch, however, is decades’ worth of Warhol’s personal photography, which Warhol called his “visual diary,” as reflected in the Photographic Legacy Project collection. The Foundation is proud to introduce images of the more than 28,000 original Andy Warhol photographs that it gave to over 180 college and university museums and galleries as part of its 2007 Andy Warhol Photographic Legacy Program. That gift sparked interest, discussion and scholarship about the essential role photography played in Warhol’s artistic production which will undoubtedly be amplified due to the availability of these works through Artstor.

View the Warhol’s Oeuvre and Photographic Legacy Project collections in the Artstor Digital Library.

*Image totals may vary from country to country, reflecting Artstor’s obligation to address variations in international copyright.