We’re thrilled to announce that we will be releasing an updated Digital Library this summer. This is a first step in improving our support of digital image-based teaching and scholarship, and toward the longer-term goal of creating an integrated platform experience for users of both the Artstor Digital Library and JSTOR – now both allied services under the ITHAKA umbrella.

Enhancements will include:

  • A new full screen IIIF image viewer with side-by-side comparison mode (no pop-ups or Flash required)
  • Simplified image group sharing: all registered users (previously limited to faculty) will be able to share image groups with other users at your institution
  • Increased web accessibility for users with disabilities
  • Shorter URLs for easier linking in LibGuides, course websites, emails, and more
  • Mobile friendly

The new platform will also include several changes to existing features that may require you to save your work or slightly change your workflows:

  • Personal notes and instructor notes are being retired. If you need any information saved in your personal or instructor notes, we recommend copying and pasting this information into your image group descriptions by June 1st.
  • The citation generator and saved citations will be temporarily removed and added back into the Digital Library after the new release. If you have saved citations that you need, please download them before June 1st.
  • Saved searches are being retired.
  • The date filter for search results will be temporarily removed in late May (prior to the release of the new site). It will return, wth improvements, as part of the updated site this summer.
  • We will be pausing the upload and metadata entry functions for personal collections between June 1st and early September. During this time you will be able to share, download, and save your existing images to groups as usual. You will not be able to add new images to your personal collection or edit any of the text associated with your existing images.
  • Uploading of OIV presentations into personal collections will also be disabled. If you need to share OIV presentations with students, please convert them to PDFs.

Please reach out to us at support@artstor.org with any questions and thank you for your help in making these improvements to the Artstor Digital Library possible!