Wurts Bros. (New York, N.Y.). 207th Street and Perry Avenue; Street Brendan's Parochial School, view classroom. ca. 1924. Museum of the City of New York

Wurts Bros. (New York, N.Y.). 207th Street and Perry Avenue; Street Brendan’s Parochial School, view classroom. ca. 1924. Museum of the City of New York

Many of us are starting the fall semester this week—and a lucky few have already started—so we thought it would be helpful to review the many changes that took place over the summer.

In May, those of you with registered Artstor accounts received emails alerting you that instructor notes were permanently retired and citations and saved details were temporarily retired.

We released the new site in July. By now you may have noticed its cleaner, more modern design, and the many new features we added or streamlined. The initial release in July included the following changes:

Viewing images

  • A full-screen IIIF image viewer and a new comparison mode allow you to compare up to 10 images at once while zooming on details.
  • Images open on the detail page (instead of a pop-up window), with metadata to the right of the image. You can link directly to this page.
  • Image groups open directly from the Digital Library homepage under the Browse menu.

Working with images

  • Image groups can be set to private or institutional (viewable to everyone at your institution). Private image groups can be shared with select people by sharing the URL. Private image groups shared with you will be saved under the “shared with me” header on the image groups page.
  • Anyone with a registered account can share image groups, not just those with instructor privileges. Students can easily share image groups with their teachers and classmates.
  • Tags replaced the folder system.

Finding images

  • Advanced search no longer requires a keyword. You can now select multiple criteria such as date, classification, and geography to view all images in Artstor meeting those criteria.

Additional features

  • The platform became mobile-friendly.

Retired features

  • The citation generator was temporarily removed from the site and will return soon.
  • Image detail views saved into groups reverted to the full version of the image. The ability to save details is temporarily retired and will return soon.
  • Uploading of OIV presentations into personal collections was retired.
  • The ability to upload and manage personal collections was temporarily retired and will return soon.

We’ve also been refining and adding features since the release, including:

  • Quiz mode: view an image group as flashcards to study for an exam.
  • Search your groups.
  • Group tags are displayed in group details – start a search using them!

Finally, there are a few ways you can stay up to date on upcoming changes. Our support site has a “What’s new” page that is updated as soon as a new feature is released. We encourage you to bookmark it and check periodically to see what’s changed. You can also sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter, “Mastering Artstor,” to get all the latest news plus practical information about using Artstor in teaching.