Panos Pictures has contributed more than 36,000 images of contemporary global affairs to the Artstor Digital Library. Panos specializes in documenting critical social issues as well as stories beyond the daily media agenda.

The selection in Artstor is global and eclectic: from urban development in Turkey, and deforestation in the Amazon, to photos of extinct and endangered species at the Field Museum, the endurance of cyclists in the Tour de Faso, and Charlie Chaplin impersonators in India, the collection covers thousands of compelling stories and issues. With more than 100 contributing photographers based across the globe, the Panos archive is a comprehensive visual record of our world. Images documenting urban and rural communities, diverse landscapes and the built environment, peace and conflict, tell the story of the ties between globalized and localized life.

For more than 25 years, Panos Pictures has been working with the commercial and nonprofit sectors, using photography to campaign and communicate to new and diverse audiences. Recognizing that photography is more than pictures on a page, Panos has engaged in all forms of visual communication, producing exhibitions, multimedia, books and video, as well as documentary projects. Panos photographers seek out stories that matter and convey an unparalleled awareness of the sensitivities and ethical dimensions of the issues and areas they document. In addition to creating its own projects, Panos it makes its expertise available to other organizations.