The widely published art historian and photographer Ralph Lieberman has contributed nearly 8300 architectural photographs to the Artstor Digital Library.

His campaign for Artstor includes American historic and contemporary architecture, as well as public art and sculpture, notably in Philadelphia, and a sustained initiative to document museum buildings throughout the country.

Ralph Lieberman, Fulbright, Kress, and Villa I Tatti scholar, has taught at Williams College, Harvard University, and the Rhode Island School of Design with a specialization in the Renaissance and Michelangelo, and the relationship between photography and art history. He began photographing buildings while completing his Ph.D. at the Institute of Fine Arts. He supplied photographs for his own publications, chief among them Renaissance Architecture in Venice, 1982, and The Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli in Venice, 1986. Lieberman has also provided illustrations for other scholars’ work, notably Claudia Lazzaro’s The Italian Renaissance Garden, 1990, Leon Satkowski’s Giorgio Vasari: Architect and Courtier,1993, and Eugene J. Johnson and Michael J. Lewis’s Drawn from the Source: The Travel Sketches of Louis I. Kahn, 1996. Lieberman’s photographs may be found in art historical study collections at Harvard University, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and the Frick Art Reference Library.

Lieberman’s work is also available in the Ralph Lieberman Archive (Harvard University).