The World Monuments Fund has contributed nearly 2,000 images of architecture, archaeological sites, and monuments from around the world to the Artstor Digital Library. The selection in Artstor is drawn from the World Monuments Watch lists and it encompasses landmarks and projects as diverse as the Great Wall of China, begun in the 5th century BCE, and the rebuilding of the Mostar Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the 1990s. Expansive exterior views are combined with details and interiors that feature frescoes, mosaics, stained glass, sculpture and other media.

The World Monuments Fund (WMF), a private nonprofit organization founded in 1965, is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of cultural heritage sites. It has orchestrated more than 600 projects in 90 countries and has affiliates in Britain, India, Peru, Portugal and Spain.

Launched in 1996, the biennial World Monuments Watch calls international attention to a list of threatened sites around the world. The Watch has served as an agent for action at hundreds of sites, promoting safeguarding of cultural heritage, more beneficial tourism management and stronger community engagement.