The first question for a potential contributor is who owns the photographic rights for any visual media under consideration. Collections in the Digital Library are intended for educational and scholarly use; any rights apart from this are carefully controlled. Although Artstor performs a legal review to determine whether an item can be released according to intellectual property laws in the United States or internationally, this information is key to a submission.


To assist in our review, those interested in submitting a collection should provide a brief summary of the content for the media being considered: the subjects covered, the date range, and locations (if appropriate), as well as the total number of assets involved.


Digital images are a primary source for our collections, but Artstor accepts a variety of media. While we are not accepting analog material at the moment (e.g., slides that need to be scanned), we may be able to refer interested contributors to one of our partners for assistance. Given the tools now available to our users, the best results for digital images are those that are not compressed (such as tiffs), are high-resolution (300ppi and above) and are at least 3,000 pixels in length or width. At a minimum, we accept low-resolution images (at 72ppi) at least 1032 pixels in length or width that may use a form of compression (such as jpgs).


Standards for the Artstor Digital Library differ from those in JSTOR Forum, in which collections are managed by the contributor. Artstor will do a general review before publication and eliminate any media/images that do not meet the criteria for the Digital Library. Contact ADLC@ithaka.org for more information.