Permitted Uses

The Artstor Digital Library is licensed to non-profit institutions. Individuals using the Artstor Digital Library at those institutions are subject to Terms & Conditions of Use of the Artstor Digital Library. This summary is intended to help you understand quickly key provisions in the Terms & Conditions of Use.

  • Noncommercial educational and scholarly uses
  • K-12 community users
  • Restricted access
  • Content in electronic format must be on access restricted sites
  • Printing
  • Exporting/downloading
  • Access software
  • Offline Image Viewer
  • Examples of permitted uses
  • Examples of prohibited uses

Noncommercial Educational and Scholarly Uses

You may only access and use the Artstor Digital Library and any content in the Library, for educational and scholarly uses that are noncommercial in nature. Commercial uses are strictly prohibited.

K-12 Community Users

If you are under the age of 13 and you are asked for your email address to register on the Artstor website, you must first get approval from your teacher or school librarian. In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, your teacher or librarian will provide you with an email address to register on the Artstor website that does not contain your first and last name or any other personal information. If Artstor learns that you have provided an email address containing personal information, we may immediately disable your registered account.

Restricted access

The Artstor Digital Library is a licensed resource that is only made available to individuals at nonprofit institutions and individual scholars.

You may not sublicense, or provide others with access to, the electronic database itself (such as by sharing your password).

Content in Electronic Format Must Be on Access Restricted Sites — No Posting to Unrestricted Websites on the World Wide Web

You may not post images from Artstor on unrestricted websites. If you make content from Artstor available electronically, it must be on an access-restricted site, so that only persons authorized to access the Library may access that content.


If you print images or other content from the Artstor Digital Library, you must use the designated print function provided in the Library. A label indicating that the content may only be used for noncommercial uses will automatically appear alongside the images on such print copies. You may only distribute such print copies to those persons authorized to access the Library.


If you export or download images or other content from the Artstor Digital Library, you must use one of the designated export functions provided in the Library. You may only export or download content to a password-protected, access-restricted site.

Offline Image Viewer

You may only download the Offline Image Viewer software for noncommercial uses.

Examples of Permitted Uses

  • Classroom instruction and related activities (such as handouts, presentations, research, and student assignments)
  • Display or performance as part of a noncommercial scholarly or educational presentation (such as in seminars, classes, lectures, conferences, exhibits, workshops, or similar noncommercial educational and scholarly activities)
  • Student or faculty portfolios, term papers, theses, and dissertations, provided that you follow the access restrictions stated on the previous page
  • Restricted course websites for review and study purposes, provided that these sites are not publicly accessible on the web

Examples of Prohibited Uses

  • Any commercial use and any use that is not educational or scholarly (such as reproductions in alumni materials, in advertisements or commercial materials, or making content available to someone else for commercial uses)
  • Posting content on an unrestricted website or in a publication made available on the web without access restrictions (such as posting an Artstor image on a personal or course website that is not access-restricted, or posting a dissertation or other materials containing Artstor content on a website that is not access-restricted)
  • Reproducing content in the Artstor Digital Library in a publication. Downloading images from the Artstor Library for use in publications is prohibited unless expressly permitted by the content provider (usually indicated by the mark “IAP” appearing next to images). If you would like to use images for publication, see the details about the Images for Academic Publishing initiative.