James Conlon: Mali and Yemen Sites and Architecture

James Conlon, Photographer | Dogon Dance of the masks (2008) | Sangha (Dogon Region), Mali

Artstor has collaborated with James Conlon to share approximately 800 contemporary photographs depicting architecture and cultural sites and objects in Mali and Yemen. While geographically distant, Mali and Yemen share a tradition of earthen architecture, a common faith, and a rich history of cross-cultural interaction. Conlon's photography concentrates on two cities, Djenné in Mali and Tarim in Yemen, which illustrate these commonalities. The collection will also include documentation of Mopti, Bamako, Segou, and the Dogon Region in Mali, as well as many other cities, monuments, and sites in Yemen's Hadramaut Valley.

James Conlon was formerly the Director of the Visual Media Center in the Department of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University. Conlon's work as an architectural conservator and educational technologist centers on social history and heritage preservation, particularly the use of new media to facilitate interpretation and conservation of the built environment. QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramas shot by the Visual Media Center are already available in Artstor as part of the QTVR Panoramas of World Architecture (Columbia University) collection.