The collections in the Artstor Digital Library are community-built and community-contributed. We welcome collaboration from the international community to help us broaden access to visual materials for learning and scholarship.

Sharing a collection in Artstor is non-exclusive, which means that you, as the copyright owner, may freely distribute your images through any other online website, database, or commercial licensing company.


Artstor serves as the network, infrastructure, and repository for getting your institutional and scholar collections to the international educational community. Your content in the Digital Library will directly impact teaching and research through our network of 1,600+ subscribing educational institutions and museums in 46 countries.

We provide statistics on the usage of your collection, tracking the number of unique views, downloads, inclusion in image groups, etc. Many contributors combine Artstor Digital Library usage statistics with their other online activity to demonstrate usage to their boards.

Clearly labeled rights contact information and URLs drive traffic back to your website for additional information and licensing opportunities.

How to contribute

To get started, please review our content guidelines for contributors and learn about our metadata policies, then submit your information for consideration.