The Bodleian Libraries have contributed approximately 240 images from the field diary of Sir Aurel Stein to Artstor. This content was presented and published as a distinct albeit related component of The Mellon International Dunhuang Archive project. Stein (Budapest 1862-1943 Kābul) was a British archaeologist and explorer best known for his 1907 introduction to the Western world of the library cave at the Mogao Grottoes (“Caves of the Thousand Buddhas”) near Dunhuang, China.

This record represents part of Stein’s field diary from his 1906-1908 expedition to Western China. The diary dates from November 1906 to March 1907 and consists of 116 leaves (232 pages) of field notes, including some reflections on Dunhuang (Tung-huan) and Abbot Wang Yuanlu, who discovered the Dunhuang manuscripts in 1900.