Via Lucis has contributed 1,400 images of medieval Christian churches in France and Spain by photographers Dennis Aubrey and PJ McKey to the Artstor Digital Library.

The intent of the photographers was both to document these magnificent structures and to capture the mystery of medieval spirituality. The collection features interiors, notably the arches, vaults, domes, and buttressing that define the Romanesque and Gothic styles. It also includes a selection of images of the Vierges Romanes, stylized wooden statues of the Madonna and Child, 11th-13th century, usually polychrome but sometimes covered in plate and jewels. A subset of these sculptures includes the Black Madonnas, which are particularly venerated in Spain and France.

Via Lucis Photography and Via Lucis Press are part of a long-term initiative to document Romanesque and Gothic churches throughout Europe. Projects include the photography in the collection and the book Light and Stone by PJ (McKey) Aubrey and Dennis Aubrey. Photographer Dennis Aubrey has specialized in French and Spanish Romanesque monastic and ecclesiastic architecture and Throne of Wisdom Madonnas. He is a member of the International Association of Architectural Photographers. He was founder and CEO of the pioneering digital imaging company Altamira Group.

PJ McKey Aubrey, artist, theater director and photographer, is affiliated with the International Association of Architectural Photographers. McKey has been an exhibiting artist at the Cotuit Center for the Arts and the Falmouth Artists Guild in Massachusetts. She is a faculty member at Cape Cod Community College.