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Want to add scholarly research to the mix? We also have a quick resource for teaching remotely with JSTOR.

'Kingsway' binoculars with leather carry case made by Maurice Aronsberg of Liverpool, ca. 1910-1920

Pair of ‘Kingsway’ binoculars with leather carry case made by Maurice Aronsberg of Liverpool, ca. 1910-1920. Image and original data from Science Museum Group. Creative Commons: Attribution.


Artstor 101 & Artstor 201

Learn how easy it is to teach with Artstor with our 101 webinar! Discover how to find the content you need, how to make image groups, and the best way to create presentations – online or off. 45 min.

Then move up to Artstor 201 and find out how to find primary sources that enliven discussion and stimulate further research, how to use curated image groups, and more. 45 min.

Artstor 101 Artstor 201

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Artstor for instructors

Find out how to take advantage of every aspect of the Artstor Digital Library to optimize to your teaching. You will learn best practices in creating and organizing groups, searching techniques, all about sharing and exporting content, plus even more tips and tricks! 45 min.

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Recorded Webinar

Engaging presentations with Artstor

Hosted by Rebecca Boone, history professor at Lamar University.

Looking for new ways to be dynamic in the classroom? This webinar will show you how you can leverage groups in Artstor to present multimedia content using our highly interactive fullscreen viewer. We’ll also cover ways to share these groups with colleagues and students. 45 min.

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Teach with Artstor

Find the perfect content for your course, including guides and image groups curated by subject-matter experts, as well as case studies that illustrate the ways your colleagues in all disciplines are using Artstor in their teaching, research, and scholarship.

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Tools for remote learning

Bring your texts to life with visuals! Use our curated groups of images, create your own, or combine both; user our image viewer to pan, zoom, compare, and use images as flashcards; and learn how to instantly generate citations.

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Artstor across disciplines

Learn how Artstor’s media collections can be used across a variety of subjects and discover a wide array of collections rich in visuals to support dozens of disciplines beyond art history.

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Create your own groups of images (4 min.)

Tailoring curated groups for your course (6 min.)

Support for your students

Research Basics

JSTOR’s free and open self-paced course is designed to help early college and college-bound students learn academic research skills.

Learn about effective searching, evaluating credibility, and properly citing sources.

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You can also explore JSTOR Daily, our free online magazine that pairs news and current events with freely accessible scholarship. Stories are organized into subject areas that make it easy to find course-aligned content that is educational and engaging, and include suggestions on studying remotely, such as:

* If your institution does not subscribe to Artstor, you can still access more than 1 million images and media files on our Public Collections. Interested in becoming a participant? Find out how.